What is a group of jellyfish called?


A group of jellyfish is commonly known as a ‘smack’. A smack is an old english term for a smattering or taste but it’s not clear how they got that name.

According to jelly fan Dr. Tierney Thys, scientists would rarely use the term a ‘smack’.  They are more likely to refer to them as a swarm. A smack, bloom or swarm of jellyfish can get to astronomical sizes up to millions of jellies in one group. 

The name jellyfish has fallen out of favour in resent times and researchers in the field as also more likely to refer to them as “jellies”. This makes sense as they’re not actually fish. They are plankton, a word that comes from the Greek planktos, which meant to drift or wander.

They are mainly referred to as gelatinous zooplankton in literature. And they are invertebrates from the varied phylum Cnidaria. We’ve been calling them jellyfish since 1701 where the term first appeared in print.

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